Today I tried to go to http://www.clubpenguin.com/ and apparently the domain for Club Penguin has expired:

How long do you think this will go on? Comment Below on your thoughts!



Hello Penguins!

Hey guys! Today Billybob posted a  new Reviewed By You! Check It Out now!

Last week we asked you to tell us about your favorite Club Penguin song. Many of you mentioned the “Penguin Band Boogie”.Waddleryan1 said:

My favorite song on CP is Penguin Band Boogie because the sound of the music is ROCKIN COOL!!!!! I also like it because funky and there’s beat boxing. I hope everbody heard it before and liked it. WADDLE ON!!!!!!

P.S Penguin Band Boogie is on Dance Contest. So ANYBODY can hear it!”

Thanks for your review, Waddleryan1! Glad to hear that you like the beat boxing, too.

blog_110617.pngAs many of you have probably already noticed, Music Jam 2011 is on now! So for this week’s Reviewed by You, we want to hear what you like best about the party… What do you like best about Music Jam?


Hey Penguins! Today I was waddling around on CP and noticed that they had made some updates and added new items and rooms! Here is what’s new:


I know alot of photos!  It was different updates as most of you have noticed! Comment below on your thought of Music Jam 2011!


Music Jam 2011 is finally here! I am so thrilled to be once again united with this awesome party! Here is what CP said:

Hello Penguins,

It’s time for Music Jam… The party’s on now! We’ve already seen a whole bunch of you hip-hop dancing and making movies at the Dock.

Happy77 took this screenshot of the action:

blog_110616.jpgWhat do you think of the party? We always want to hear your thoughts, so let us know what you think!

Until then… Waddle On!


Hey Penguins! Today I was looking through some pictures of the old and new looks of mascots on CP and found this photo:

This is the NEW look for Penguin Band 2011! Comment below on whether you HATE it or LOVE it!


Today I was waddling around the Snow Forts and I noticed that CP changed their sign from “Stadium” to “Penguin Stadium”.

What do you guys think of this? I think this is pointless because all CP did was changed “Stadium” to “Penguin Stadium”. Maybe it is a clue to something in the future! Comment Below On Your Thoughts!


Hello Penguins!

Thanks to everyone for their reviews last week. We asked you what your favorite musical instrument was, and many of you told us that you love the piano. Great choice! Here’s what Sunihh had to say:

My favorite would be the piano because you can give a soft tone or something to rock with! Also you can go so high or so low depending on the mood. You can create a master piece with the piano! I play the piano and write songs all the time, I do this because it either makes me feel happy,sad,anrgy, and maybe it just makes you want to dance! That i swhy I like the piano the best! Waddle on Cp!

Waddle on, Sunihh!

blog_110611.jpgThis week, we wanted to ask you about songs. There are many different songs in Club Penguin, and we want to know what you think of them! So we’d like to know… What is your favorite song in Club Penguin and what do you like best about it?


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